About Marselme Merino Wool

What is Marselme Merino Wool

You can't beat natural fibres, and New Zealand All Season Merino must be one of the best.
It's soft, snuggly, lightweight and doesn't itch. My kids love it and so do I.

Marselme Merino is perfect for keeping your children comfortable and warm all year round.
Our Merino products are as soft as cotton, breathable and machine washable.
They can be worn on their own, or under clothing. Merino has a unique ability to both absorb and repel moisture.

Our Merino is made from Zque accredited fabric. This lets you know that it is a natural resource that is sustainable, biodegradable and 100% renewable.

Why Marselme Merino Wool

Pure natural fibers
Sustainable, 100% renewable
Softer because it is 5 times finer than regular wool
Wrinkle resistant, easy care
Doesn't itch
It breathes in the heat and insulates in the cold
Odour resistant
Machine washable
Warmth without weight

Babies from newborn to 2 years

The range includes:

Newborn to 12 month Marselme Merino Long Sleeve Envelop Neck Top

Long Sleeve Tops

Baby Marselme Merino Long Sleeve Envelop Neck Bodysuit

Long Sleeve Body Suits

Newborn to 2 year Marselme Merino Short Sleeve Envelop Neck Bodysuit

Short Sleeve Body Suits

Newborn to 12 moth Marselme Merino Footed Leggings

Footed Leggins

Newborn to 12month Marselme Merino Beanie


Marselme Merino Baby Wrap

Baby Wrap

New Zealand Marselme Merino Nightdress


Kids from 2 - 8 years

The range includes

Marselme 100% Merino Raglan Long Sleeve Top

Long Sleeve Tops

Kids Marselme Merino Camisole

Camisole Top

Children's Merino Sleeveless Top

Sleeveless Top

Marselme Merino Cuffed Leggings

Cuffed Leggins

Marselme Kids Merino Beanie


Marselme Merino Gloves and Scarf

Gloves and Scarves

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