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Who is Marselme?

Marselme is a New Zealand based business dedicated to delivering quality products and an enjoyable shopping experience.

Marselme was the name of my sons imaginary friend.
He has moved on to other things now but he still talks fondly about Marselme.

When we started in 2003 as Hey Baby, we were very baby focused, in our lives and our designs.

As our children have grown up the range has expanded to include more children's easy wear, easy care gear.

We were looking for a new name to reflect the growth in the range, and thought of my son's friend Marselme.

Imagination, fun and friends are all important to children and families.

Marselme is all of those things, therefore the perfect name for our range of innovative solution apparel.

The fundamentals that founded Hey Baby - "Frustration inspires invention" There is always a better way" are just as important now as they were back then.
Each Marselme garment is crafted with this in mind to bring you garments that just work.

There are two brands in the Marselme range,

Marselme Merino
Marselme Merino


Marselme Playtime
Marselme Playtime

Life is complex enough, so I am actively looking for ways to make it a bit simpler and make time for the important things.

When a problem presents itself I design solutions that will make life simpler and more enjoyable for children and their families.

Time and children are mutually exclusive. Once you have babies you never seem to have time to shop for them.

That is why we have a 24 hour shop-from-home option, to make life that bit easier for you.

Now you can relax, browse our product range at a time that suits you. Safe, Convenient, and Efficient, our retail online shop brings the complete Marselme range to you.

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Merino Kids Long Sleeve Top $55 - $70 in Blue & Pink.
Merino Kids Long Sleeve Top $55 - $70 in Blue & Pink
Merino Kids Camisole Top $39 - $45 in Vanilla, Blue & Pink.
Merino Kids Camisole Top $39 - $45 in Vanilla, Blue & Pink